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New tools help young people discover Digital Futures

Date: November 24, 2011

Mark Wonglyn of Careers NZ and Judy Speight of Accelerating Aotearoa, addressed nearly 100 careers advisors at the CATE (Careers and Transition Education Association NZ) annual conference at the Rotorua Energy Events Centre on November 24th 2011.

A key message from the presentation was the growing number of jobs available in the digtal sector (according to government’s “HiGrowth” project, 35,000 by 2017!) and our need as educators to prepare young people for those opportunities.
The Careers NZ websites and Accelerating Aotearoa’s own Digital Careers site were presented as accessible and exciting tools for helping students identify inspiring careers and the pathways to get to them.
A copy of Mark and Judy’s presentation is available below. Please contact Accelerating Aotearoa if you would like to take a role in this important programme and link to Accelerating Aotearoa's Facebook page to see exciting updates.

Accelerating Aotearoa's CATE 2011 Conference Materials:

- Presentation

- Handout documents