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Celebrate and Support our Maori & Pacific Teenagers.

Date: April 11, 2012
Celebrate and support our Maori & Pacific teenagers on their pathway to successful careers!

Accelerating Aotearoa’s Talent is a special Hui / Fono for young Maori and Pacific to encourage career choices in growth industry sectors and support their qualification for those jobs. Because we know careers are a whanau decision we have invited students to bring Mum and Dad along. We hope you might like to share this journey too.

To help us on this pathway we have amazing guest speakers including;
Uesifili Unasa, Hylton Southon and Te Aroha Morehu and performances by Grace Ikenasio, Queen Shirl’e and Dei Hamo.

Friday 13th April focusing on Maori students; 3-9pm (so Mum and Dad can come after work)
Saturday 14th April focusing on Pacific students; 10am - 4pm

Venue: AUT’s Manukau Campus, MD Building, 640 Great South Road, Manukau– there's plenty of parking in the student car park.

Emphasis: matching the high skills demands of growth sectors (in this case ICT/ Digital Industries) meets skilled employment needs of rapidly expanding populations. Auckland’s South and West; Decile 1& 2 schools.

Differences between what we are doing and other Careers programmes is our approach:

  • Focus on Pacific & Maori Communities in Auckland’s West and South.
  • Whanau/ Fanau based approach.
  • Connected to Growth Industry Sectors.
  • Alignment with Auckland Council Strategy.
  • Connection of talent to explicit career pathways, following up and supporting them into jobs.
  • Linked approach; connecting with related and aligned organisations and programmes including the Maori Statutory Board, the Pacific People’s Advisory Board, Ethnic People’s Advisory Board, Careers NZ, The Computer Clubhouse, Raise Pasifika, MPIA, FutureinTech along with motivated businesses and a range of education providers including schools, Universities, Polytechnics and PTEs.

Evidence base: Our 2010 Pilot brought together 100 students (with their families) from 14 schools, primarily from Auckland’s South and West. The programme was supported by nearly 40 businesses, tertiaries and community organisations. For 2012 around 200 students from 15 low decile secondary schools in Auckland’s West & South, along with their families, are taking part in the two day programme.

Event Structure: AAT comprises a series of workshops to support family wide understanding of: (draft programmes attached)

  • Growth Sector Industries: Government forecasts 35,000 new ICT/ “digital” jobs by 2017.
  • The Career Opportunities from those jobs ; Career Decision Support
  • What we need to get there; The Pathways - Learning Requirements, how NCEA works and Tertiary qualifications.
  • What tools are available for the journey; Role models and mentoring, connection to scholarships, internships and jobs,; access to services and advice; Careers NZ, budgeting services, info about student loans etc.
  • What employers are looking for; an opportunity to discuss what skills and qualifications are needed for what job.

Accelerating Aotearoa’s Talent is the work of our incredible Steering Group;
Mary Aue, Peta Si’ulepa, Hinurewa Te Hau, Josh Phillips, Robert Perelini, Mark Wonglyn, Anna Jacob, Filemoni Timoteo, Iani Nemani, Tuteri Rangihaeata, Fa’avae Gagamoe

Maori Event Programme 2012

Pacific Event Programme 2012