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The Trusts Community Foundation supports Accelerating Aotearoa

Date: April 01, 2014

Accelerating Aotearoa is delighted to announce receipt of funding support from The Trust Community Foundation to run Geek Camps in the Southern Initiative (TSI) area.

Geek Camps are FREE school holiday programmes with an opportunity to 
- DISCOVER digital creativity
- DEVELOP digital skillS
- ACCESS digital expertise
- UNDERSTAND PATHWAYS to digital jobs

Accelerating Auckland’s vision for Geek Camps is to connect with the 84 decile 1&2 schools in TSI over the next 5 years.

Launched January 2014, nearly 50 students from Manurewa intermediate schools took part in two camps. Delivered in the context of a private-public partnership, supporters included Auckland Council, Samsung, the University of Waikato, High Tech Youth, Otago Polytechnic, Countdown, Tomizone, Careers NZ, NZQA and the Southern Initiative.

The Trust Community Foundation funding will enable the delivery of a further 2 Geek Camps to take place in the July 2014 School Holidays at the Manukau Civic building.

"This crucial funding means we can bring Geek Camp to more students keen for a taste of a digital future.... we believe Geek Camps provide a foundation for success at school and those vital connections to skilled work"  explains Accelerating Aotearoa CE, Judy Speight.   

At Camp, digital genre explored potentially include anything from making digital music to film and video making, digital artwork, game development, 3D printing or website development. Students are supported by a range of student and professional mentors working with them in small groups to create "digital assets"; the output of their project.

Digital devices, and in particular a range of tablets, laptops, notebooks and Smart TVs, are provided for Geek Camps by technology partner Samsung.

For the duration of the Camp each participant has sole charge of a digital device to use in workshops and explore their personal creativity.


Thank you Trusts Community Foundation!